Your advertorial - guidelines and examples

Wanting to place your message in an editorial context? We offer you the opportunity to target our readers with classical advertising as well as a mix of your editorial content and your advertising/brand message.

Your text ad will be integrated in the WIRE website as an article, positioned in a thematically assigned section and in the News section.

To ensure that your message can be appear with the look and feel of an editorial article, we have drawn up a set of useful guidelines and examples for you.


Your advertorial and teaser will appear on our website and will be labelled as an “advert”.  The following guidelines apply. They must be observed so that the advert can be displayed correctly:

  • Headline – teaser and text ad: max. 35 characters
  • Lead paragraph – teaser and text ad: max. 350 characters
  • Basic text: max. 1,200 characters
  • Image – teaser: 1 image
    • Minimum width: 1,000 pixels (16:10)
  • Images – text ad: min. 1 and max. 2 images
    • Minimum width: 1000 pixels
    • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Caption per image: max. 70 characters
  • Video – optional: integration of a YouTube video

Please ensure you follow the guidelines so that the banners can be published on time.

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